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  1. The problems this bill purports to address are already being resolved. The next is about the preservation of the traditional activities national crafts and US farming. About 370 articles, of which: About 119 full length scientific pieces, of which 17 were co authored; 57 of the 102 self authored pieces were refereed, 45 were invited. An economist and the president of Oxfam America write about the destructive effects such a proposal could have.
  2. Also, the imposition of restrictive certification procedures on imports are seen in this light. "Aggressive protectionism would not only have implications on China but also on the rest of the Asia region, given the regional production supply chain. Chinese President Xi Jinping said downward risks and uncertainties for the global economy are on the rise, and pledged to boost the power of emerging.
  3. Journal of Political Economy. A branch of economics that focuses on improving the economies of developing countries. Velopment economics considers how to.

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